History of Siliguri Global (P) Industrial Training Institute :

Growth and development of Industry is very much related to development of Industrial Training Institutes. Industry will be able to grow and prosper only if the Trainees coming out from various Industrial Training Institutes are able to meet the expectation of industry.

To ensure the competency of trained students of ITI's is at par with the International requirements NCVT, DGET and QCI has joined hands to establish an accreditation mechanism in line with International Benchmark. The synergy between these organizations will help us to meet the national target of skilled man power not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.

Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE), Government of India is pleased to announce the launch of the scheme of Affiliation based on NABET Accreditation of Government and Private Industrial Training Institutes (ITI's).

All applicants ITI's are required to get accreditation from Quality Council of India before being considered for affiliation of National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), Government of India.

This Accreditation process will be based on facilitative / consultative mode and not inspection mode. An online mechanism has been established to enable the applicant Institutions. This detail out the various requirements for affiliation and accreditation as applicant proceed with filling up of the application form. It will also help in doing self assessment by an Institute. The various requirements like infrastructure, tools and equipments, staff strength, power requirement etc. are detailed in the application form. The applicant does need not to seek any information related to the NCVT requirement from any offices.

This Quality Manual is a sample copy to meet the requirements of the document - Accreditation Document for Seeking NCVT Affiliation of Government and Private Industrial Training Institutes, given by NABET (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training).

The purpose of this manual is to support the ITI for development of their own Quality Manual similar to the contents given in this document. This has been purposefully drafted in a simple manner for easy understanding and interpretations of requirements. However the respective ITI can suitably modify the same.

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